Thursday, November 18, 2010

hello there!
this past weeks has been soo crazy! i went to a new work, finally! i'm working has a graphic designer!! i'm very happy with it:D i'm working very hard to become part of the team in 3 months (that's the time for my intership / experience time):)
I'm starting to feel the xmas mood coming!;)
today i've lost an arcade fire concert, cause it was cancelled :( but i'm shore they will come again next year! i've been really in love with their new album since summer!:)

the things i want to share today are:

1st the Anthropology penguin classic books for children! they are sooo beautiful! i want to collect them!:)

2nd this 2 videos from a live concert of arcade fire:)

3rd random images!

4th calendars! i need to start my 2011 calender! and i found this inspiring ones:)

and for now it's all:)
see you later!


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