Monday, November 29, 2010

hello, good night:)
I found some cute things i want to share!
I've been in love with Sufjan Stevens new album! this all week!
second! xmas!!! is coming:D it's absolutely one of my favourite times of the year!
I really love all the lights, and cozy decorations, lots of hot chocolate or tea with cookies! all the xmas typical food, cant wait to begin my xmas shopping:)
Well here are some cute things to inspire:)

my favourite music of Sufjan Stevens new album:)(made and found at for me, for you)

Futile Devices from karmaticoma on Vimeo.

batman card
Gemma Correl!! i love her illustrations
This photos by Christian Tagliavini are soo awesome! i found them in Black Eiffel
This pillow cases i found in poppytalk are sooo cute!

i really want lovee in my live this xmas! al kinds of it!:D

see you later!

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