Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday morning inspiration

good morning cyberspace!
it's sunday, and i'm almost in vacation!
and today, with no work (because its sunday! yay), i'm going to the beach! i'm going to watch my sister surfing, and take some pictures, with my nikon and my Diana:D

my inspiration for today:
this video i found in lisa like's blog, made by her:)

Stop Motion Test from Lisa Rucker on Vimeo.

very sweet and simple :)

beautiful pink bikes!

I'm in the mood for soft bright colours:)

This cute illustreation

yesterday i catch Notting Hill, in the TV, i loved de film again(i already had seen it;) it's a very simple film, and already a classic in the romantic gender;) i like it! to view full size image

It's all for now:)

see u later!


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