Sunday, May 30, 2010

sunday, sunday love

hello hello:)
last week was a busy one, and i didn't have time to pay attention to my blog:(
i have started my driving lessons!! can't wait to have my license! :)
i've spend a wonderful week, with friends and family.
Wednesday i went to a ''lost finale party'' at a friend's house:) i and some friends watched together lost final episode.. i had lots of fun! and i actually liked the final episode, i went with very low expectations, and i actually liked it! after the episode we continued to discuss lost theories! it was very funny:p
Thursday i went to Snow Patrol and Muse concert! it was awesome!!! Muse is such a good band, i love them since i was a teen, and they made an epic concert! and Snow Patrol, was very beautiful, they are very good too:)

today i'm feeling inspired by...

here you have some videos of the concert and others things:)

this is their new song for the film eclipse

i'm also inspired by cute paper messages!

And summer colors!!!:D

see you later!


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