Sunday, June 6, 2010

bits of a lovely sunday

hello there!
it's sunday.. i need to begin posting a lot more:p
This was a lovely week, i watched 2 very cool films, and i went to the beach with some friends:) i have started my driving lessons as well... :p
the first film i watched was kick ass! and i loved it! it's a very funny film, for people who likes Quentin Tarantino's films, and like comics too:) i laugh a lot!
the second one was Fantastic Mr. Fox!! i loved it soooo much! i love Wes Anderson films, and this one is very funny and different! i recommend it!

this week i want to feel inspired by..
Love lettering;)

i can't find the credits of this images:/

Amanda Wachob's tattoos!

beautiful and inspiring weddings by once wed:) Can't Be Serious Wedding Photography

need to go sleep now!

see you later


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