Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday sunnyday

hello hello!
how as been the week? mine was cute:) i went to cinema and to some party's with my friends:) i used my Diana a lot this week! can't wait to see them!;)
i watched a lot of films this past week, the happening (i didn't like it:/), Ágora, wes anderson's The life Aquatic with Steve zissou, and i went to the cinema to see Prince of Persia! ehehe i liked it! it's a good adventure film, if you like films in the line of pirates of the Caribbean, you will like this one;)

when i watched the life aquatic, i made a little search about other films of wes anderson, i have only saw 4 of them, and i found in The Criterion Collection this amazing dvd covers!!:D i'm in love with them!

and to inspire my and i hope your week...

Florence + the machine! i love Florence, since i meet her music last year.
i discovered that she will have a concert in a music festival in july, here in my city! i'm very happy:)

i'm in love with her new video for cosmic love, and with her new music for the Eclipse film soundtrack!

this amazing tattoo (via ffffound!).
i'm thinking in one for me, and i'm looking for some inspiration;)


it's all for now:)
see you later


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