Monday, July 5, 2010

hello summer :)

hi there:)
long time no see;)
this past weeks were very complicated and i didn't have time or head to post..
my cat became sick, and we find out it was some kind of cancer...:/ he didn't resist and died in the past monday:( i cried a lot, and i miss him soo much, but i'm better now.. i accepted it:/ but it was very hard, cause i really loved him, he was a very special cat and a very beautiful one:) don't you think?
but life goes on...

i don't have much things to share for now... i'm thinking in a MA for me.. or in a new course.. i'm a graphic designer, but i'm not in love with the normal work of a graphic designer.. and i really need a job that can complete me:)

this week i really want to cheer up my mood! i'm going to a music festival this week, in the schedule are names like, Florence and the Machine, the XX, Devendra Banhart, Local Natives and muck more! i'm sooo excited!:D

here are some images to inspire your and my week too!:)


it's all for now:)
see you soon!


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