Wednesday, August 26, 2009

really need to go to the cinema...

good night*
Today was a lazy work day.. I did only work in the morning, and spend the rest of my day at home, trying to start working in my portfolio, and ended up, doing notebook covers in illustrator :p

today I'm proud to announce that i'm passionated by... tchanan!

1.where the wild things areeee! i'm sooo excited to watch the live action movie! did you already look at the trailer?

2.Elza Pereira, amazing accessories, i'm in love with this crown rings and this little bird pins!
3. and finally, Laura Marling! a young folk-pop British musician who has a lovely and wonderful voice! take a look at her myspace:)
that's all for today, i need to go sleep now, maybe read a chapter from a book first... tomorrow morning i have to go to work... i need some vacations... :)

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