Saturday, August 29, 2009

*the five things i'm in love Saturday morning*

good morning blog world:)
today is Saturday! no work for me, just fun!
Yesterday, I went to a beautiful garden after work, and make some kind of photoshoot with a friend of mine, who is a photographer, or at least will be very soon, I'm sure! take a look at her flickr!

soooo, let's begin!
Five lovely things for you in Saturday morning!

1. this hair style
I would love to have my hair like this! maybe I'll try to do it...
found in design is mine, photo by colleen yancy

2. Florence and the machine new album, lungs, I love this British band! I'm listening to a lot of
British music lately... :)

3. The book Guerrilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith. I love this book, it has the most cool ideas, and very funny and nice illustrations take a look if you can!

3. Madeleine! I love this cartoon when I was a little, I watch it every day! and now, I found the opening in youtube! youtube is the best <3

4. Dumpling Dynasty kits! the store where I work is selling some of them! they are very very cute and cool!
you have the baking kit
the pigtail kit
the writing kit
the bunny kit, a DIY plush bunny
the explorer kit
and the sewing kit!
if I was a 6 or 7 i would love to play with it, even today with 22 I would love to have one of them, maybe I'll buy one or too, the store in wich i work is selling them ;)

5. This necklace from Paraphernalia. I am thinking of buying one of this!
it's all for now! i'm going out, and say hello to mr. Sun wich is very shiny today ;)
see you later!

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